Sunday, March 29, 2009

Almost 21 months & nice to have friends going through the same...

So, on Friday we will be 21 months. We are super busy right now and the months do seem to go by really quick, although NOT quick enough some days. But we just keep saying, "It will happen, it will happen". Thank you again to everyone who has been following along with us, and for your supportive comments, we truly appreciate them more than you know. It has been nice to hear from family members, and former students, and friends, and especially a friend right now that her family is adopting a little boy from Ethiopia.

It is nice to have someone that gets the way you feel most of the time, the frustrations, the heartache, and the waiting. I teach Christa's daughter Kara dance at my studio, and Kara is one of my assistants, I love Kara to death!!

We keep Christa and her family in our prayers daily. The little boy that is going to become a part of their family is one lucky little boy, they are such caring, and positive people. They already have a picture of the little boy, and should be going to get their son soon, we wish them speed and good thoughts. And I foresee a celebration with them soon!

We can't wait to meet Lucas!

Hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather...I know we are!!

Think of us on Friday, we will be 21 months into our adoption, and waiting for our dossier to get into the review room still.

Love to all,

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


The latest update from our adoption agency is, that they are through with March, and should be into April. The people that are just leaving to go get their children waited 35 months. That's about right. We are still hoping to get into the review room here shortly...longly... whatever you prefer. We're coming up on 21 months. By the time I'm done with all my shows it will be 2 years of waiting, with probably 10 months left after that.

Gonna have to find some more hobbies to keep me pre-occupied. On a positive note, Spring is finally here, and I've lost 21 pounds, and Gary has lost 27 pounds. You can see Gary's weight loss more than you can see mine. But I'm still plugging away at it. Hoping with some good weather, we can get outside for some walks, and bike riding...peace and quiet.

Keep us in your thoughts.

Love to all,

Friday, March 20, 2009

Okay so bad bad day...

Had a rough day today that's where the blog down below came from. Had a friend (not family related) not really be a good friend, and ruined my whole day. Makes you examine things when people do that to you. So, I just wanted to say thank you for the comments, and encouragement, and the wishes. Had a nice talk to another great friend today, so that made my day better...thanks Sarah, love ya!!! It's always great to see you, and have our talks, it made my night!! Thanks for listening!

Love to everyone, keep leaving those comments, you keep our spirits up, and we need that more than you'll ever know.

Love to all!!!

Thanks to Heather also for always leaving comments, it makes my day when we get a comment from you, and also from Katie Katie, and Christa. Thanks to you all!!!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why do we care...

So, this is going to be my rant about the subject of caring. Caring for people, for students, for your loved ones, your family, and friends, your job, and anything else you seem to love in your life. I have always been the teacher who cares about her students...probably more than I should. My students confide in me, and yes, I do tell them the truth sometimes, even when the truth hurts. But, I was brought up to be that way. I think that sometimes the people we care about need to hear the truth. It stings, and it hurts but it is all for the good. I know a lot of people who speak their mind, and say what ever they want all the time. I used to think these people were rude, and totally people I never wanted to be around. But today I think I might become one of them.

I am so sick of people using me as someone to take their problems out on. Excuse me for caring too much, excuse me for having a job I love, excuse me for finding the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. Excuse me for thinking it's a good idea to go to college for your profession, excuse me for wanting to bring the best out in my students, excuse me for demanding loyalty, excuse me for expecting people to be courteous, and kind. Excuse me for thinking everyone has a good heart...some just deeper than others, excuse me for not being able to have children of my own, excuse me that the adoption is taking longer than everyone else thought. Excuse me for not being able to go to baby showers...I always send good wishes and a fabulous gift though. Excuse me for being successful, excuse me for working hard, excuse me for being busy all the time, excuse me for actually lately taking time for myself, and Gary. Excuse me for not wanting to compete with others in my business, excuse me trying to raise above, excuse me for teaching 29 + classes per week. Excuse me for being who I am...I have never tried to be anyone but me.

Well...excuse me, I don't apologize for any of it!!!!!!! Why do we ever care what other people think of's a waste of time and effort...I'm done. Maybe I'll be one of those teachers now who doesn't care about her students anymore, or what people think about what she says, throw all caution to the wind...we'll see.

Our life is hard, we are going through an adoption, an adoption that is going into it's 21st month. We have taken care of everyone else's children for 19+ years. I have been the shoulder to cry on for those past 19+ years, and so has Gary. I think it's time to be selfish, and do what is best for us.

There's my rant for the day...


Friday, March 13, 2009

Time for changes...

I think as time goes by for this adoption, I keep thinking of what I want our life to be, my life specifically. Some things that were once at the fore front of my mind aren't there anymore. Some things that used to bother me, or I would just put up with either don't bother me anymore, or I just don't put up with and totally confront the situation, or person now. That's not like me at all. I am the one that keeps her mouth shut, and doesn't want to rock the boat. But lately I'm rockin' the boat. I do not stand for disrespect in my life...I expect so much more from people who are going to be a part of my life, whether personal, or business. I am not always going to do what's best for the group anymore, I am going to start doing what's best for me, us. I have already started.

I feel as if I do so much for everyone else that I put myself on the back burner. But lately I have making the time for me. Things that I need to do for myself, or for Gary and myself come first and foremost. We are making us a priority for once. And it feels pretty good. I do not give up my workouts anymore to do choreography and work related stuff, that stuff comes after now. BY doing that I have lost 18 pounds. I have turned down some opportunities for dance, because I know I have enough to do with what I already have. I know some people don't think my job is as busy as I make it out to be, and it's only dancing, but let me tell ya if you saw my to do list for the next couple weeks you'd be shocked (has over 70 things on it). I now take Sundays and do nothing related to dance. I cook more, and I am the ultimate Weight Watchers cook, I have tried over 20 of their recipes, and just ask Gary they are all really good, and he keeps asking me to cook things all the time. I find cooking very relaxing. I have never enjoyed reading that much, but this year I have read 4 books that were over 500 pages a piece and have 5 others started.

I am starting to feel like a little enjoyment is a good thing. I still am way overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I need to do, but know enough to take the time I need for me. Whether that means missing some family thing, or friend thing. Because quite honestly there are times I just want quiet in my life. I listen to 160 kids a week, and teach 29 classes every week. I think after that quiet is good, just Gary and myself.

So, this will lead into us making the time we need for our own family. My job will have to change a lot, and I am so ready for that change. Kids are different these days, and some are so very unthankful, and very disrespectful, I feel sorry for school teachers these days. Not all kids are, don't get me wrong, but I have met some real doozies this year...ungrateful!!

I have done the years in my profession where I had Companies that consisted of 75-80 girls, and put that many girls in a dance, and yes, it as helped me be the super organized person I am, and has molded me into the teacher I am, and I am grateful because of it. But these days I want people that have the same passion that I do about life, and about dance, and about family, and people who are understanding about the adoption, and ask questions, and who are excited for us, and want to go baby shopping, and come over for dinner and talk, and listen to me and Gary when we are frustrated, and not tell us, "it will be worth the wait", but say, "man, this wait is horrible, and it sucks!". Those are the kind of people I want to surround myself with. I think for the most part we have those people, but we need more of those people in our life.-Any Takers?!

So, there's my rant for the week. It's been a very stressful week, with parents and kids this week. This is my busiest time of year from now until June. But I am psyched that I've lost 18 pounds-YAY!!!

I want to lose about 30-40 total...we'll see!!

Have a great weekend...maybe the weather will get warmer finally and stay warmer. I can't wait to breathe in that great Spring warm air.

Love to all,

Monday, March 9, 2009

Feeling overwhelmed right now...

I have so much to do right now that I'm torn about what I have to do, and what I want to be doing. I have so much work right now. I am in the middle of choreography for the Company Spring Show, which means I have over 12 more songs to choreograph for that. I am in the middle of dealing with costume for the studio, both the Recital costumes (over 150 costumes), and also costumes for the Junior Company, and Senior Company and their Spring Show (32 dancers, and over 30 dances for the show, that I have to put together...myself). Getting stuff ready for Gary to do our taxes, which means mounds of receipts and, going through business stuff that takes forever..even though I do this to myself every year. Needing to get an hour to 90 minute workout in everyday, so I can keep losing the weight I ned to lose. Already lost 15 pounds-YAY!! Having to get through at ;east 3/4 of all the Recital dances done this month (that's over 32 dances). Getting the Company schedule together and finished this week, so the dancers will know what their schedules will be for the next 2 months. Being able to run errands and get back in plenty of time to be able to still get things done at home before I have to go to work. Getting finances in order for the Summer, and saved for the next leg of the adoption. Oh, and did I mention Gary and I have 4 weddings this Summer, and his 20 year class reunion, also.

Not much...just a couple of things to work on. I need about 12 extra hours a day and 1 more of me to get it all done.

Here's what I would like to be doing...

I would like to start on Avery's room. Strip the wall paper, and start painting. Be looking at cribs, and other stuff. Send out last call letters for the quilt, and actually start assembling the quilt. Doing things that are good for me, and not for everyone else all the time. I know that sounds selfish, but sometimes our lives revolve around my job, constantly, and some days enough is enough.

Hello!!...Gary and I would like to do something for us, and for our upcoming family. Someday it will be this way, and we will be selfish and spend time with just Gary, myself, and Avery, doing fun family things.

Can't wait for these days to get here!!!

Well I should go, I have way too much to do to be sitting here typing...I know that's what you were thinking too-HAR HAR!!

Love to all~


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


The China Center for Adoption Affairs is now through the reviewing of dossiers received before March 31, 2007. We are still kinda a month ahead. Don't get too excited we're still talking a long time left. But there's the update.

Our group is June 2007.

Thought you might want to know.


Happy 20 months!!!!


20 months...we really should have had her by now, or at the very least be on our way to China within the next month. But things change and always for some reason or other. The typical wait time now is 34 months, so hopefully we'll get our dossier into the review room here shortly and count down.

I think we're feeling pretty okay about the adoption lately. I have times where when watching a tv show, or a movie, or even some of these commercials that are on tv now and I want to yell at the screen, but I think that's typical, going through this process. I don't think I could go to a baby shower yet though, and I know that sounds "not right" but that's just where I am still. People will just have to understand that. I am happy for friends and family, just can't be in a situation about babies right yet. And I find myself getting really angry when I find out that some teenager in highschool, or some other young teen is pregnant, and doesn't know who the father is, or some other circumstance that makes me wonder, why them?, why not us, how is that even right?

But then I remind myself that that does no good, and think about our Avery wherever she is...and I smile...and all hope is restored.

This adoption has been such a rollercoaster of emotions, and still is. You get some people who look at you with such pity, and others who give you the look like, "You knew it was going to be this long...", and some others who won't even ask or talk about it. I find myself sometimes just staying home, and not being in public because I need the quiet, but other times it would be nice to be able to share my I write them here. Aren't you lucky?!

So, Happy 20 months to us!!! We've done 20 so another 12-14 seems like a piece of cake, right?...maybe?!

Can't wait to meet you Avery!!!

~Mommy & Daddy (MaMa & BaBa)

~Love to everyone!!

21 here we come!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Almost 20 months!!!

On Tuesday we will be in this adoption for 20 months...since our LID-log in date. Altogether I think a little over 2 years if you include when we had out first meeting, and even when we sent in our pre-application. 20 months...WOW!! It doesn't seem as if these 20 months have taken that long. The time does pass quickly most of the time. We're gettin' there...

So think of us on Tuesday the 3rd...20 months!!

Love to all