Thursday, September 29, 2011

Some new pictures...and short update!

The Girlies!!!
Avery and her 2 cousins. Jessica is on the left, and Jodi is on the right. They see each other about 3 times a year. My Brother and his family live in Indiana. So they spend lots of time together when they are here.

Our family!!
One of the pictures we had to put in the last post placement update. 

Get Up!! Let's Go!!
Grandpa Scofield, Jodi & Avery playing on the front lawn at Grandma & Grandpas House.

Cutest Face!!
A day with Mommy & Daddy at The Great NYS Fair

Our girl is doing fantastic!! She is showing her challenging side lately to Mommy. At tumbling the other night I had to take her out of the room 2 times. She was telling Miss Tammy "no", and running around, not following directions. I was mortified!! She threw such a huge fit on the way home that we had to have a time out when we got home. No Dora/Bubble Guppies or movies for the rest of the day, and no chocolate.
I guess when they told us that the Hunan girls had some spice they were right!!  LOL!!  :)

We went to Story Hour the next day, and she acted very good. She is testing her boundaries a lot lately, a lot of attitude, and throwing a fit when she doesn't get her way. So Mommy is dealing with that. Other than that we are doing great!  She is talking up a storm!! Our latest thing is when I say "I love you", she says back, "I love you more", and I say, "I love you most",  it's from the movie Tangled-one of her favorites!!

I am happy to say though we are in the process of completing our application to go to China again!!  Through Great Wall of China, special needs! We are just starting to complete the application so we can start compiling our dossier, and start looking at lists. We are going for another girl-2 ballerinas!!  

We are very, very, very excited!!! Avery needs a sister. We knew we would do this again, and I can't wait to start getting everything done-as quick as we can go!!

Wish us Luck!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Avery Lin!

We've done a lot this Summer...
Vacations, and tumbling class, family visiting, a lot of family time for the 3 of us, and renovating the house a bit, and still in the process of doing that. 

But to sum up our Summer, this picture says it all!! 
We have one happy little girl that lights up the world!!

We love you Avery Lin!!

We had her caricature done at the NYS Fair, a Scofield tradition to go every year. This year was the best!! We had so much fun riding rides, playing games, and seeing all the animals!! So much more fun to go with your own little one, you experience the Fair in a whole new way through the eyes of a 2 year old. We didn't expect to stay as late as we did, but she did so well!! 

Everything is so exciting, and the smile never leaves your face-absolutely priceless!!