Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Sunday, Sunday best, dinner, the egg hunt, and the Newton family...

Great Aunt Nancy and Avery

Noah, Owen, & Avery

Avery looking a little concerned about Baxter the dog's tail!

Grandma & Avery

Grandpa & Avery
Finding Eggs!

Come on Mama, "I see one!!"

"I see another one!!"

Great Grandma's famous Easter sherbet cake-Yummy!!

In my Sunday best all ready for church!!!

Hope everyone had a great Easter!! We did!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

A teaser of Easter...more later!!

Avery in her Easter dress!! We had so much fun!! Will post more pics later!!  Enjoy!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Faces!!

Easter Egg Hunt in Indiana

We went to Indiana last weekend to visit my Brother and his family. We had Easter dinner on Sunday and an Easter Egg Hunt outside with my brother and his family and my cousin and his family. Avery, Jodi, Tori & Taylor had a ball finding the eggs and of course we had to blow bubbles to top it all off!!! Jessica, and Aunt Liz were blowing the bubbles!! Avery and her cousin Jodi had a blast chasing the bubbles, it was so windy out, they blew all over the place!!

Avery searching for the eggs!

Bubbles are SO COOL!

Jessica blowing the bubbles!

Jodi reaching for the bubbles!
Tori & Taylor  searching for eggs!   :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Friday faces on Thursday!!

A few new pics of the Ladybug...

The first one is Avery in the new Burley buggy for Daddy's bike. Can't wait to go on a bunch of rides this Spring/Summer/Fall!!! The second one is where she sat to watch Toy Story 3 for the 100th time. Dumped out all the Lego to get in there...no better place to sit, right? The last one is a picture of her pookie tails-so cute!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We love our cousins!!

We are heading out to Indiana tomorrow after I get done with work to visit my brother Tom, his wife Liz and our 2 nieces, Jessica & Jodi. We are very excited as this is our first trip as a family since we've been home from China!! Avery is very excited to see her cousins Jessica & Jodi!!

On my side of the family it's all girls, and will continue to be as we will be adopting another little girl. We will start paperwork again in the Fall. On Gary's side it's all boys. Steve and Beth have 3 sons Noah, Owen, and Sammy.

Having cousins is great, and although everyone is so busy all the time and we don't get together very often. Mostly for birthdays, and holidays, it's nice to know that family is always there, and the cousins will always have eachother!!

Here are a few pictures of Avery with her cousins from Christmas.

Jessica, Avery, Jodi

Noah, Sammy, Owen, Avery

Having cousins to hang out with, play with, and grow up with is just the VERY BEST!!! :)


Friday, April 8, 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011

One year ago we got the best news ever!!!

The news being we had a daughter waiting for us in china, we got Avery's referral!!!
The picture with the red background is the first picture we saw of our Avery. We just loved that face, and those LIPS!! How perfect!! We were in Indiana visiting my brother and his family. We left NY in a very frazzled, and heart broken way, so sad it was unbelieveable. We truly didn't know what we would do. Some of you know why. 

But as we were in Indiana we got the BEST NEWS EVER!! A daughter...Avery!! That was locked in, and she was ours, and we were hers!! We came back on cloud nine!!  It was a whirlwind of emotions!! 

The black and white photo is a recent photo of tubby time!!! What a JOY Avery is, and how full our lives are now!! I am amazed everyday that we are finally together, and we are a FAMILY!!
Love our girl!!
Love our FAMILY!!