Monday, November 23, 2009

CCAA News...

Here's the update for November...

They have finished reviewing dossiers up to December 2007.

Remember our LID is 7/3/07...(We have been in the matching room for awhile, and will still be there for awhile in the pile)

They have made placements to families with dossiers (LID's) up to March 2006. That's not bad... Those 2 dates are closer than I remember in previous updates. We still are hopefully expecting to hear next Fall/Winter, we'll just have to see. That's a little encouraging!!! Things were not making any movement or progress in quite sometime. Maybe the new director of the CCAA will help things out!!

We haven't gotten an update from our agency in quite awhile. I wish they would send out an announcement even if there's no news. That's the only thing about them that drives me nuts!!!

Well, I'm hoping things keep getting closer...

Here's a list of the groups that need to go before us with their referrals at our adoption agency:

1.April ‘06-This is where they (The CCAA) are right now...
2.May ‘06
3.June ‘06
4.July ‘06
5.September ‘06
6.November ‘06
7.January ‘07
8.March ‘07
9.April ‘07
10.June ‘07-This is us!!!!!
11.October ‘07
12.December ‘07
13.April ‘08
14.August ‘08
15.November ‘08

Their are 9 groups of families that need to get their referrals before we get ours (these are just people at our agency, does not include other people from around the world). It depends how fast they get through the dossiers for each month. One month could take 3 months, or in 1 month they could do more than 1 month worth of all depends.

Hope that helps a little for everyone to see where we are are in waiting. Still quite a wait but going on 29 months in another week...please keep us in your prayers that we may see a speed up in the process...

Have a great day!!!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

I forgot to post this about November...

November is National Adoption Month!!!
I forgot to post this earlier.

If you would like to do something to support adoption here is a suggestion.

Going to websites like, "Love Without Boundaries" and donating a winter coat, or something else that is needed by the children in the orphanages is always a good thing. They have the list of donations set up on their website, and you just click which one you want to give and it's all done for you. There are amounts from $12.00 and up. There is also merchandise you can purchase through them, calendars, mugs, shirts and more that the money also goes towards helping the children in the orphanages.

Just a thought for anyone interested in supporting adoption...

The website is:

Happy National Adoption Month!!

Love to all,

Monday, November 16, 2009

Been sooooooo very busy!!

I can't believe it's been almost 2 weeks since I've been here to write my thoughts down. I guess it's a good thing...that I've been so busy lately. I don't think of the one thing that's on my mind the most these days. If that makes any sense at all.

It has been a very busy time for us. We are in the midst of a ton of rehearsal for our Christmas dance show. Our show is on December 5th and it seems like we have rehearsals all the time!! That's probably because we do have rehearsal all the time. If only anyone knew how much time out of rehearsals it took to get ready for those'd wonder how Gary and I even get to breathe sometimes.

It's been non-stop choreography for me lately. Even with the studio classes. We are starting their Recital routines and have just got done picking out the Recital costumes. I am in the process of finishing up ordering for the Christmas Show, and we have started a new venture with the studio. It's Gary's venture really...

We were not satisfied with our shirts that we sent to have printed at the studio last year so we have invested in our own press, and can now print our own t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. Like Gary is not busy enough already...right? But thank goodness I married someone that is always wanting to learn new things and researches everything relentlessly. I love him to death and he really is my hero! So he now has Newton Graphix as another side business, besides the photography, music editing, website maintenance, and everything computer he already does.

It's been an eventful November. Gary has been sick, I have been sick. I had to go get an EKG for a heart murmur that ended up being no big deal...thank goodness.

We had a death within one of our friends. One of my former dancers got in a car accident and did not survive. He was 21 years old and a great spirited person. His sister is one of my beloved dancers, and was one of my assistants when she danced at the studio. A tough time on that family and they are all in our prayers. A truly lovely and loving family and we became very good friends with the family while the kids danced with me, and we still remain in contact with them as they are not at the studio anymore.

I have a partial tear in my leg calf muscle. So I have been off dancing for the past 4-5 days. Still teaching, from crutched or a chair, and still in rehearsals, but frustrated not being able to leap, or really dance while teaching and getting ready for a big show. My dancers are great and are well trained and listen really well, so they are doing fine. I'm just going nuts not having that know I am a control freak and hate to ask for any help at all. I go tomorrow for an evaluation of my leg to see if I need physical therapy or not.

We are hoping we are going to Indiana for Thanksgiving. It is our year to go, we go every other year to visit my brother and his family. But Gary has received a notice to report for jury duty. He has to call this Friday to see if he has to report next Monday for jury selection. We are pretty sure we are going to go, we just may be traveling on Wednesday later in the evening than we had hoped to. We wanted to leave on Tuesday but now we'll wait to see...We don't dare use his exemption because with our luck he'll get called up again when we finally do get a referral and have to travel to China. So we'll wait this out and see what come of it.

As far as the adoption, we are still waiting. 28 months and 13 days. Another holiday season with no word of a referral, or hope in sight right now. I'm glad I am so busy right now because I think I would actually be depressed at this point. I don't know, I am at a loss right now for words to describe how I feel. Nothing really seems to be right. All I can say is I don't know...

I did get Avery some of the panda collection at Gymboree for Christmas. Very cute...waiting for it to get here. Christmas just isn't as fun to think about this year. Everyone says what do you want for Christmas...really do you have to ask?

I want some HOPE. Some hope that things will speed up so Gary and I can start our family. Some hope that we will not have to wait too much longer. Some peace of mind. Some good news. That's what I want for Christmas. But no one can give that to me or us. So I make lists of things I'm sure I don't need, or really want. Tis' the season.

Okay enough of the sarcasm. I'm not mad, but beyond frustrated, is there something in between? I'm sure there is but we in this waiting game need our own word for it. I'll try to think of something...

So there's an update, not all cheery but that's life isn't it?

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!! (Gobble, Gobble)

Love to all,

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy LIDversary-28/10

So here we are again the 3rd of the month. Our LIDversary. I call it our 28/10.

28 is what we've been in, and 10 is my next goal to get to. By then, fingers crossed, we should be very close to going to China.

Let's hope so!!!

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!!