Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another picture of our little ladybug...11 months old today!

Avery is eleven months old today...

Our little baby girl is 11 months old today!! Today is the 28th of April, and her birthday is May 28th. It is so hard to know that she is so far away, and that we will have to wait another almost 2 months before we can go get her, and there is nothing we can do about that.

I hope she is happy, and being well taken care her pictures she looks like a happy baby!! We will have to get a cake next month on her birthday, and have some family over to help celebrate her birthday. Then when she is finally here with us, we will have to have a huge party and celebrate it late with friends and family. Can't wait for that!!

We've been extremely busy lately, I have a dance show next week. I've been so busy in the last week that  I already feel like an absentee Mom. I feel like I need to just sit in her room, and stare at her pictures, and read her books, and fold her clothes, and put things away, etc. But I am literally running around everyday getting things together for the 30 dancers on my Senior Company for their show next Saturday. I will admit I will be glad to have some time to myself after the show, I need to get things ready for Avery's arrival. There is so much to do for her, and I just need to get through the show.

We got her dresser last night-pictures below!! Gary and Uncle Steve went to Syracuse last night and picked it up-thank you Uncle Steve for helping to get it and putting it in her room!!  We love it, it matches her crib and fits just perfectly in the space.

We've had so many people interested in Avery and so many well wishes lately, we appreciate them so much!! We went to church last Sunday (Gary's church). Ron & Judy wanted to put up Avery's picture and announce that they had a Grand daughter on the way!! It was so nice, everyone was so excited, and as we walked into the church on Sunday, right at my eye level as we opened the door to go in was a bright red real ladybug on the door-I think it was a sign that our LOA is coming soon!!

We've had a lot of family have experiences lately that go along with the adoption. Beth took the kids to the beach and ended up meeting another Mom with a daughter they adopted from China, and her and Owen were playing together.

Aunt Nancy called last night and took her dog into be groomed, when her dog came out the bandana that the place gives to the dogs each time had ladybugs all over it.

The little chair below, is one my parents dropped off last week. So  now Avery has her own little red adirondack chair-so cute!!

So there is a lot going on, and the signs just keep on coming, our LOA must be coming soon!!

We love our little girl, our little Hunan girl!! I look at her face and am amazed that she is ours!! She has such character in her face, such soulful eyes, and seems to be so happy!! We can't wait until they place her in our arms! It is very hard to know she is there and we are here. Nothing else matters to us right now, we just need to get to her and bring her home. Home to a safe place full of love, and family. She is so very loved by everyone already, what a special little girl she is, and what a lucky pair of parents we are to have her for our daughter! Parents...we are parents...that is music to my ears!!

Mother's Day this year means something different. I actually am a Mom now-WOW!! I have been waiting to be a Mom for so long. I think on Mother's Day, I will sit in her room, and read her books, and go through her things, and write to her about this first Mother's Day. Even though we will be apart, she is in my heart, and on my mind constantly, our little girl, our little ladybug, our angel, soon we will be together!!

We love you so much Avery Lin!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Updated pictures of our little ladybug!!!

We just got these pictures today!! Along with updated information on her too. She is going to be 11 months old next Wednesday and weighs 17 pounds, and she is 27 inches long. She has some teeth now, and can walk with assistance (holding her underneath her armpits). She is just a cutie!!!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lists are being made, operation going to China is underway...

A quick post. This is what our refrigerator looks like:

Monday, April 19, 2010

Okay, so here's some info...on our little ladybug!!

Here's some information for everybody until I can get my thoughts organized on a longer today is the 19th, and we received our PA on the 19th so 19 things about Avery and where she's from...

1. Her Chinese name is: Yang Niu Xuan (Yong-Neeu-Shin). We think it sounds like Newton :)
2. She is from Hengyang, China
3. Hengyang is located in Hunan Province
4. Her name means little girl & lemon lilly
5. Her birthday is May 28th, 2009
6. She is Year of the Ox just like her Mommy!!
7. She will be 11 months old next Wednesday
8. She was found on Xiangjiang South Road, next to Xiangjiang River (a well populated area)
9. She had a note in her pocket when they found her that had her birthdate on it, and her given name
10. We will name her Avery Lin Niu Xuan Newton
11. They found her on June 6th, 2009. A significant date to us, and we'll tell you more later...
12. She's a spicy Hunan girl- Hunan is known for spicy food!
13. Her special need is called lymphangioma, located on her upper right arm-prognosis is excellent!!
14. As far as we can tell, her development is pretty much on track.
15. She has a ready smile- they say this a lot in the children's medical files :)
16. As of December she had no teeth yet
17. Hunan has a sub-tropical climate- it will be pretty warm and humid when we travel this Summer
18. She has already had 4 procedures on her arm (our pediatrician was impressed with the results)
19. She is a very loved little girl!!

We have our little girl...Avery Lin

Here she is, our little lady bug...
She is just perfect and I will write more about her later and show some other pics later too!!

So this is just a teaser!!

We are over joyed, and excited!!!
I can't descibe it!!

We need some news!!!

It is going on 3 weeks since we've really heard anything from China. Our agency said it could take 4-6 weeks to receive the first update, but we've seen people get theirs in as little as 6 days. But of course all in good time, but we're really going nuts!! We are waiting on our PA, and some updated medicals and pictures of Avery, but, since the earthquake last week it seems like things are going slower. Although Avery is in SouthEastern China, and the earthquake was in Western China, near Tibet. We were told that sometimes when something like this happens it takes longer to get the updates back-why? They are no where near eachother...whatever.

The nursery is done! I am ordering the dresser this week, and then all we need is Avery!!

Below are pics of the nursery. Don't freak out when you see her closet, a lot of the clothes will be too big for her right now. Plus, we didn't buy all the clothes, we've been given a lot over the past 3 years. So, it's an accumulation of 3 years of waiting and retail therapy and gifts.

But we think her room is pretty cool, and we just need to get her to complete it!!

Enjoy the pics!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Those 3's...enough already...

We went to get our medicals updated for the 3rd time just in case our paperwork runs out before we travel. Our original doctor moved to North Carolina last year so this meant we needed to get the whole thing done again, not just an update. So we did our lab work last Thursday with a follow up scheduled yesterday to finish it up and lab work would be back. Needless to say, nothing is ever easy...

Got to the doctor's at 8:15AM. Got in there and they were going to have us meet with the NP, not the MD. I specifically asked to meet with the MD when I set this up, but they had changed his schedule the day before. They never called us. I don't really think they fully understood what we were doing, and why, and why it had to be the doctor, and why our labs had to be back etc., etc. We told them, and explained it all, the past 3 years, and that this was our 3rd time through all of this. So they called and asked and found out he was in Carthage, they ask, "Can you travel to Carthage"? Plus, our labs weren't all back yet, and they tried to tell us they wouldn't be back for at least another week-WRONG!!! They called the lab and they were done and the lab faxed the rest of the tests to the office-(don't mess with us, we've been through this before!!)  We explained this had to be done today, that's what we said when we called the week prior, thats why we were there!

So we travel to Carthage, all lab work in hand. We get there, "Dr. J isn't here, can you go to our other office (you've got to be kidding me...right?) Dr. Shaw will do everything for you!". Okay we say, where is this office, they tell us, and we get there. We get out of the car and I look at Gary and say, "Third times the charm! Well of course, this is the 3rd doctor's office, why would we expect anything else?"...

It ended up our 1st doctor was in the ER, himself, something was wrong that's all they would say. We'd never met him, this was to be the first time. So we went and saw Dr. Shaw instead. Dr. Shaw was great! We liked him a lot, and that office was great, very helpful, and understanding.

It took 3 doctor's offices to do the 3rd update. It took exactly 3 hours longer than expected. We had to travel about 30 miles out of our way to get this done. Are you seeing a pattern?

We can appreciate the 3's but enough already!! I'm wondering if we are going to have to wait 3 weeks to hear anything? I hope not!! (It's been 2 weeks right now, but actually 3 weeks if you know the whole story).

A thank you to Darby at the clinic though, she really went above and beyond for us yesterday to get us to a doctor, and even followed up by calling us at home later in the afternoon to make sure we got in and everything was done. We appreciated that a lot!!

The number 3, who would have thought it would affect our lives so much and so often!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


On Avery's big quilt, we had a heart made out of her baby quilt backing material with the China stars on it...special. My sister in law Liz sewed it up for us, and now we can put it on the backing of her big quilt!!

Thank you Liz!! They look great!!

Also, along with the stars, Liz,  and Jessica and Jodi (our nieces) sent the cute lady bug shirt, and the kitty cat shirt with the skort-how adorable!! Can't wait to see her in them!!

Thank you, and we miss you guys!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Lookey Lookey...

Look at what Grandma, (my Mom) brought over to the house today!! Just perfect!! We'll put it out in the garden and grow a clematis on it. It's so cute, just great! Ladybugs and everything!!

Avery can use her new ladybug gloves, and shovel, and now we have a ladybug trellis for the garden...such fun to come our way!!

Can't wait!!

Thanks Mom!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another cute gift...

We received another gift from a dear friend. Katie was one of my dance students, and also one of my assistants at the studio for about 4 years. We've known her since she was 3, and now she's 20-OMG!! She is like a sister to me, and we love her dearly!! She showed up last night with these cute ladybug gifts for Avery. Plus a bottle of wine and a really cool ladybug key chain for me, it's not in the picture because it's on my keys already.

Thank you Katie, we love the shovel, and garden gloves, so Avery can garden right next to her Mom and Dad!! We can't wait to see her sipping on her lady bug cup in her ladybug robe!!-CUTENESS!!

Avery will love her Auntie Katie!!

Thanks again!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Waiting...for PA...time stands still again!

We are waiting for our PA-pre-acceptance. There has been so much waiting in this journey. Wait for 3 years, then wait for the lists,  then wait to lock in, then wait for processing, wait because you're in assessment, now wait to hear about your pre-acceptance. Then it will be wait for your LOA-letter of acceptance, then it will be wait for TA-travel arrangements. Then it will be wait to actually travel to get her... WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT!!!!!

I am losing patience...and sleep!! As excited as we are to have her picture to look at we are also just wanting to scoop her up in our arms, and begin this life we've WAITED so long for...

But yet, we wait...

But in the meantime we are registering, finishing the nursery, organizing her things, arranging the house, cleaning the house, getting ready for a big show, baby showers, and a thousand day dreams of her cute little face every day.

But really... let's get on with it already! :)

Love to all,

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fun gifts and thank yous...

We have received some really cute gifts in the last week and would like to say thank you to everyone. The bibs are from Hayley and Dan, we love them. Do you see the Asian ballerinas on the top one-cute!! The others have ballet shoes, and ladybugs!! Thank you!!

The sign is from Steve and Beth. Very cute and love the lady bug on it. We plan to put it in her room! Thank you guys!!

The books are from Sarah. There is a Chinese feasts and festivals cookbook, and a cool NY board book, and 2 paper books that are great and colorful and will pack well for China! Thank you Sarah, so glad to see you yesterday!!

Thank you to you all! Your thoughtfulness is very much appreciated!

A conversation...

Here is a conversation I had with my niece Jodi the day before Easter. We were walking through Wal Mart just the two of us together hand in hand.
I think of this conversation all the time and it makes me giggle...

Me: "So what do you think about having a cousin from China?"
Jodi: "I like it, it's pretty cool!"

Jodi: "How old is Avery"
Me: (picking up an outfit the right size in the baby department and holding it up) "Avery will be this big when we get her."
Jodi: "Wow, she's gonna be that small?"
Me: "Yup"
(Jodi has a big smile on her face)

Jodi: "Where is she?"
Me: "She's in a special place where they are taking care of her until Uncle Gary and I can go get her."
Jodi: "Oh, so she'll probably be speaking Chinese when you get her!"
Me: "No, she'll be young enough that she won't be speaking Chinese"
Jodi: "Ah Man, I wanted her to teach me!!"

I giggled at that one. Jodi wanted Avery to teach her to speak Chinese and was disappointed to find out that she will be too young to teach her..."AH man!"

Enjoy your day!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The crib quilt...

Lisa, Allison, Liz w/ the quilt completed on Easter!

Lisa and her 2 daughters, Tori and Taylor and Allison before we started...
The picture under is Allison & Liz tying the quilt, then Gary snipping all the ties, and a couple pictures of the quilt all done!!

We were in Indiana over Easter weekend visiting my brother Tom, and his wife Liz, and our nieces Jessica and Jodi. We go every other year usually for Easter.

 I had sewn all 130 squares of the crib quilt together before we left and we had planned to get some progress done on both quilts. But we ended up finishing Avery's crib quilt. The crib quilt is the smaller version of the 100 good wishes quilt. We had a lot of material left over, and so we decided to make a smaller version that we could pack and take to China to receive Avery with. Not everyone's fabric is in this quilt, and we repeated a lot of the fabric but it has  the same idea as the big quilt.

 Gary, and Liz, and another cousin of ours, Lisa Scofield (Mark's wife), and myself all got together and tied the quilt. We didn't really know what we were doing but figured it out and got it all tied. Lisa, who does quilting all the time actually took the quilt home with her overnight and put the binding on the quilt for us. She did it over night!! The quilt is so gorgeous!! Thank you to Lisa, and Liz for their help!!

Liz and I actually got the top sheet of the big quilt all sewn together on Easter Sunday before Gary and I had to leave. I had a lot of the squares already sewn together, but sections had to be put together, so Liz, who is a fantastic seamstress, did that for me. There are 132 squares in her big quilt. So we made a lot of progress while in Indiana.

More than I can tell you all right now, also!!  But we are so happy and pleased with both of the quilts!! We plan on tying the big one soon, and having a bunch of people help with that!!

Can't wait to see Avery wrapped up in both!!
Thank you to everyone who sent fabric for her quilt!!

Enjoy your day!!

The number 3...

Here are some 3's that have happened during this journey...

1. LID- 7/3/07
2. It's been 3 Years since we started this process from the start.
3. We are 33 months in and this is the month when something finally happened.
4. We were 3 weeks into special needs when we got our first file.
5. Paperwork to get into the special need program sent out on 3/3/10.
6. The two of us becoming 3 to start our family.
7. It took us 3 hours to lock in.
8. There are 3 characters to her name.
9. Our final confirmation from agency of lock in was on 4/3/10.
10. We've had 3 adoption agents.
11. There are 132 squares in her big quilt.
12. There are 130 squares in the crib quilt.
13. March was the month we switched to special needs (3rd month of year).
14. Last Tuesday on a very significant day, there were 3 lady bugs flying around my head in the kitchen at night.
15. We've had to re-do paperwork 3 times.
16. We have grouped certain things into groups of 3's without knowledge. For example on Christmas cards we have 3 fortune sticks, 3 lanterns, 3 fortune cookies etc.
17. She will be the 3rd Granddaughter for my family (Scofield side). It will be Jessica, Jodi and then Avery.

We also have a lot more. There are also other dates, or other numbers that have come up that are divisible by 3. Three seems to be a lucky number for us.

I'll post more about this when I can actually sit down and go through this entire journey...

Our dossier has moved from being processed, to being assessed-it's a good thing!!

Enjoy your day!!