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This weeks update...

It's Tuesday and I'm a day late yet again so we'll just give weekly updates when I can get to it from now on...

I wanted to wait until today anyway because Avery had her well child check up yesterday. So I thought I would give the details of that...

Avery is now 17 months old on Thursday this week, and we've been together for 3 months. According to the doctor's visit yesterday Avery is now 19.3 lbs, and 31 inches long. She has grown 3 inches in 3 months, and she was 16.7 lbs when we got her I think and now she is 19.3- pretty good!! Dr. O was very impressed with her progress. Dr. O asked if she was walking, and I said it's more like running now, she laughed! Our last visit with Dr. O, Avery was walking with assistance. Avery was jabbering to her, and saying Bye Bye, and giggling and laughing, and reacting to what was being said etc. Dr. O compared her to the American/caucasian baby growth charts and Avery is doing very good compared to those charts-YAY! Right on track!!

Avery had to get 4 shots again yesterday. 1 in her arm, and 3 in her legs- poor little duffer :(  She was pretty sore later in the evening, and she still is this morning, and feels warm to me this morning. But it's pretty typical that she will run a little fever after that many vaccinations and shots etc.

Dr. O said she's close to getting her first molars. Avery now has 4 teeth on top and 4 on the bottom.

We are very excited about Sunday and taking our daughter trick or treating!! Of course at this age we are more excited than her... something we've been waiting for, for a long long time!! but she looks so darn cute in her costume!! It's not anything special, but this being our first Halloween we want it to be a surprise!! I still have to get a few things for her costume, and treats for our nephews yet. But I still have a few more days to get it all done.

Gary and I both feel like we are trying to fight off colds...hopefully we will not get sick!!

Looking forward to starting Christmas shopping, and the whole Christmas season. Seriously can't wait!!

That's it for now, have a great week!

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Monday Madness update on Tuesday...

 Okay so I'm late again on my weekly update, maybe I should change my day of the week that I do this on...we'll see.

Avery continues to do well, and is teething again. She had 2 days this time where she was really uncomfortable, poor little duffer. But she is doing much better this week. She is climbing everywhere, and trying to stand on everything. She's a strong little girl that's for sure. We had to put her Ni Hao Kai Lan car away for a few weeks because she would want to stand on the seat instead of sit on it, and wouldn't listen to us saying no, so it's put up for a few weeks. Her reach continues to grow farther and farther each day, we think something is put far enough away and then find out it's not...little bugger!!

We had a celebration for Gary's Grandparents over the weekend. It was their 68th Wedding Anniversary. We had it in Mexico at Aunt Nancy and Uncle Tom's. Avery slept in the car on the way down. She wasn't very enthused about waking up in a different place, and that combined with her teething, and all the people in a small space. Let's just say she cried for the first 90 minutes we were there. She was okay if we went outside, but if we came into the house she started whimpering again.

After her 90 minutes on Mommy's shoulder she warmed right up and charmed everyone!! She sat with Aunt Nancy, and let Uncle Tom throw her up in the air. She didn't care much for the Halloween decorations in the house, but she would just take a different path around them. She loved their huge sheep dog Karlie. She kept on barking when she saw her. They had a pumpkin hunt for the kids outside, and then they traded their pumpkins in for different things after the hunt. Avery got Halloween socks, and legwarmers, pringles, a pez dispenser, a puzzle, and a tutu. It was like Christmas!! All the kids had a lot of fun!! Thanks Aunt Nancy & Uncle Tom!!

She is adjusting really well, but in social situations with a lot of people and if it's loud, she gets a little scared and overwhelmed. It's to be expected that it will take a little while to get her used to everyone and to new places etc. We will take our time to get her used to it. We've only been together 3 months today on the 19th, so although she is almost 17 months old, as a family we are only 3 months old. We just have to be mindful of that.

Other than that we're just hanging around the house enjoying being a family!!

The picture is Avery with her favorite Teddy Bear, the one Aunt Nancy gave her!!  :)

Have a great week!

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Madness x 2...

Since I didn't get around to an update last week, I will do a double today.

Things here are so good!! Avery is thriving, and we are amazed at her everyday. The weekend before last we had a surprise visit from Aunt Beth and Uncle Steve, their kids were with other family for the day, so they came down just the 2 of them for a visit with Avery-a very nice surprise!! Everyone's schedules are so busy all the time, it's hard to get together with family that live right in the same town!

We also had a visit from a former student of mine-Katie. She's like a sister to me, she was my student from age 5-18, and she was my assistant for a long time, and she's in college now, and we see her quite often. Definitely someone we want Avery to know throughout her life!! We love Katie!!

We always see Grandma & Grandpa Scofield and Newton on a weekly basis. Avery will now go the Grandpas with no hesitation-YAY!! :)  That makes them so happy. My Dad calls her a "tickle"-so cute!!  :)

We have been kinda home bound lately on the weekends. We are exhausted by then, and just happy to stay in and be a family. We haven't ventured to church yet with Avery, we don't think she'll sit for an hour, so we hope to get there soon. When the teething calms down a little bit. Soon hopefully...

Avery did cry one day this week when Mommy left for work, so Mommy nows sneaks out to go to work. She is really a happy girl, and loves to have that 90 minutes with Grandmas/Grandpas on Monday -Thursdays. We are lucky that they are able to help us out with the transition.

We went pumpkin picking at a local farm this last weekend. That was a lot of fun!! We came home with 8 pumpkins I think, big and small, we got to go out in the patch and cut them ourselves. We also got some huge mums, a bale of straw, and some gourds.

We tried on Avery's Halloween costume also, and it is sooooooooooo cute!! I couldn't quit laughing, and neither could Gary-it's so adorable!!! Pics to come soon!! (after Halloween).

Avery is making strides everyday. She says Dora now, and absolutely loves Dora the Explorer. It's her favorite show, along with Go Diego Go, Yo Gabba Gabba, and iCarly. It's all about the music, and singing.

I got her an everyday jacket today at Old Navy. Didn't plan on getting the jacket but one of the associates gave me a card and it ended up having a 30% coupon on it, so we got it. It's really cute, it's purple, and velvety-super cute!!

Avery is pretty much running now, and her reach is farther than we think it is sometimes. She climbs on EVERYTHING!!!! And I mean EVERYTHING!! The cats are her best friends, although they don't appreciate it as much as she does sometimes.-lol! Her hair is getting longer, we can't wait until it is pony tail length. She is still 6-9 months on the bottom, but 12 months on top. She says up, and hot, and Mama, Dada, Homer, Koko, yes, no, hey, sometimes it sounds like we hear Grandma, and sometimes her babbles sound like other things- it depends!!

She is growing like a weed, and her looks have changed so much in the last 2 1/2 months. She has quite the personality, and is a happy and funny girl. She is always laughing, and jibber jabbering. Most time with her hands going, she is very very expressive. She lip syncs to music, and claps all the time. She will "cheers" with you at meals, and give 5's all the time. She loves to carry things around, and take things in and out of boxes, bags, toys etc. Her favorite toys are her Lego Duplos, and her foam blocks, and her books. She has a favorite blanket, and now has a favorite stuffed snimal. It is the pink bear that Aunt Nancy gave her when we got home from China. She carries that teddy bear around all the time!!

I guess that's all for now. I need to get the bug up for her afternoon nap. Please leave us comments, would love to hear from people!!

Enjoy your week!!  :)

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