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Happy Gotcha Day!! One fast!!

One year ago today we were in China, and at 3:30 in the afternoon we met our Avery, and became a family, a forever family!! 
I remember being so nervous, and my stomach doing flip flops. Our driver was running late, and we were a mixture of excited, nervous, curious, and the happiest we had ever been!!

I remember getting to the office, and our guide "Smile" saying the adoption offices were on the 3rd floor, another sign for us, those 3's...everywhere!

I remember wondering if you were already in the room, and then seeing your face when we turned into the room not expecting to see you right then. I started to cry, and couldn't wait to hold you!

I remember seeing your scared little face and hoping that you would like us, and trust us, and open up to us and let us love you.

I remember holding you in my arms for the first time, and saying to you, "you are ours now, no need to be scared we will protect you, and love you forever, always and forever".

I remember on the way back to the hotel saying to your Daddy, "That's it, she is ours now...really?" How sweet you were snuggling in my arms in the car, felt like we had been together forever.

I remember checking on you at least 20 times when you slept that night, we were so nervous.

I remember the tough night we had on the 3rd night. You were so upset, and so was Mommy trying to console you, and make you feel safe. 

I remember the first time we saw your smile, and heard your laugh. So sweet!!

It has been a year, and oh how you have changed and grown!! You are such a happy girl. You laugh all the time, and smile all the time, you have made our lives so rich, so full of love and laughter!  
We love you so much Avery!!

Happy Gotcha Day!!

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On vacation, the bug & Daddy in the pool coolin' off in PA!

We were in PA over the weekend, with my family. My Mom & Dad, and Brother and his family all went. Ten of us all together. We stayed in Paradise PA. The hotel was great, it had an indoor and outdoor pool, great for the kids, we all had a nice time. Avery went in the pool with no problems, she was trying to swim, so cute, absolutely no fear! Big change from last Summer. Jodi her cousin is in the background of the picture. Jodi should have grown gills over the weekend she was in the pools so much!!  LOL :)
We went to Kinzers PA for horse progress days, then some shopping in Intercourse PA. On Sunday Gary and I and the bug went to Hershey's Chocolate World before coming home. Got some chocolate and took the tour- a fun time was had by all!!

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