Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Friday Faces...

The gift of Love, the gift of Peace, the gift of Happiness...may these be yours at Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

Gary, Allison & Avery

Monday, December 20, 2010

Lights on the Lake...and a sappy Mommy:)

Lights on the Lake is what we did last Friday night with Avery. It is at the Onondaga Parkway in Syracuse and you drive through it.  They have all sorts of animated lights, and light structures of animals and scenes set up throughout the park. It takes about 60-90 minutes to get through it. We'v been before with our nieces and we went one year just the two of us. But what a difference when you take your own child!!

This is one of those activities that you can't wait to take your own child through it someday, another wish come true for us. Avery and I sat in the backseat, she sat on my lap and we put the window down. Avery talked and jabbered and oohed, and ahhed all the way through it!! She would point out Santa, and say santa when she saw him. She would say elf, and star when she saw them also. We would say the different animals and flowers and colors and she would repeat them. I can't tell ya how many times we heard the word "COOL" come from her-so cute!! We had so much fun, and she was totally enthralled with it for the 90 minutes it took us to drive through it. Topped it off with a milkshake on the way home, and the girlie fell asleep in her car seat.

Avery is such a blessing to us! It has been 5 months since we became a family, and I still watch her in awe everyday. Saturday at breakfast we had gotten done eating and her fun thing she likes to do is tickle Daddy through the back of his chair after she gets done eating. She was tickling Daddy and I just broke down crying...Gary thought I bit my tongue or side of my mouth...I said no these are happy tears, I can't believe she's really here!! I am a BIG sap this holiday season. I get teary eyed when we watch animated movies, and sing Christmas songs...

Sharing all of these things with Avery makes you see everything in such a new light. Christmas takes on a whole new meaning, and Christmas is fun again!! Everything is fun and exciting, to see the world through her eyes gives you a new perspective, and a new rush of emotions-that is so refreshing!!

The best gift in the world is that we now have Avery. She was sent to us through whatever means you believe in...God, fate. Having her in our life makes us so happy and thankful, and everyday is a new adventure that holds so many surprises!!

When I think back to 3 years ago when we started this process and how excited we were then... All the ups and downs through the last 3 years, times of depression, and getting your hopes ups and then having them crushed over and over...none of that matters now and seems like it was so long ago. We know that we had to go through all of that to get to her, our Avery, our precious daughter.

As we teach her new things everyday, she teaches us just as much if not more. About love, about patience, about eachother, and about life and to make the most of every day, every moment.

It has been 5 months that we have been together, but it feels like we have been together so much longer.

Avery is a joy, and she makes our world light up!! What a special girl she is, and we are blessed to have her in our life!!

I will be very sappy on Christmas and throughout the holiday season, so fair warning to everyone!!

The pics are from Lights on the Lake-ENJOY!!  :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Birthdays and WOW 5 months already!!

Today happens to be Gary's 40th Birthday. He is the most wonderful Husband and Daddy in the world!! Gary and I have been together since 1989-a long long time, and he is the best person I know, my better half, my soulmate and I love him so very much!! Happy Birthday-Sheng Ri Kuai Le!!

Also, 5 months ago TODAY we met Avery in China!! We brought her home and became a family!! Our lives changed in the best possible way forever!! Happy 5 month Gotcha Day to us also!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday faces...and a quick update!

Avery is doing GREAT!!
The black and white photo is Avery and her kitty Koko, and the bottom one is our girlie in her Dora the Explorer pajamas-she loves these!!
We are gearing up for Christmas. Even though I don't think Avery understands anything about Christmas at her age she is as wound up and excited as all the kids I teach at my dance studio-go figure!
Gary and I need to start wrapping gifts this weekend, he wraps and I do bows and tags. We usually sit down and wrap everything at once, but it will probably take a couple nights this year.
We are going to Lights on the Lake tonight after Gary gets home from work, it was raining last weekend so we skipped it.
Gary turns 40 this Sunday, Avery and I have a special gift for Daddy. I'm taking Gary out to dinner Saturday, just the 2 of us, Avery is going to my parents for a couple hours. I think on Sunday we are going to have a very low key day at home in our pajamas and watch movies-VERY MUCH NEEDED!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Faces... (Gary's picks)

Friday faces...from a couple hours to 5 months later...WOW!!

The top photo was taken at the civil affairs office about 
15 minutes after we met Avery. 

The second is after we got back to the hotel and we were getting ready to leave for our first dinner together as a family!!

The third is our little ladybug 5 months later!!


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Brief update & Christmas parade...

Our Dance Company was in the local Christmas parade last Sunday.  It was snowing-A LOT, and cold. Avery and Mommy sat in the back of the truck, and Daddy drove. Our 27 girls walked and danced in front of the judges. We won 1st place in our category!!

A lot of fun was had by all! Avery is NOT a fan of the cold, not one bit, being from Central China I can see why.  But she likes to catch snowflakes on her tongue...don't we all?-so cute!!

Avery can now say Santa (it's the cutest thing EVER!), and she can also say elf. She is a very social and snuggly, and kissy (my own word)  little girl these days. Always has kisses for Mama & Dada. I am happy to see her open up and be social, but also miss the days where she would cling to my shoulder and put her head in my neck. We still have a lot of those days. She wants Mama a lot, which I love. Around family now she is very social, and inquisitive.

Avery takes an hour nap in the afternoon, and then another 40-60 minutes after on my shoulder. I'm sure that is a bad habit, but I love it. It makes me sit down during the day before I go to work, and what's better than snuggling with your girlie!!

I can't wait for Christmas vacation, neither can Gary. We are changing things about Christmas morning this year so we are able to enjoy being a family this year, having our own home Christmas- hope everyone understands. We've waited a long time for this and being that we now have a family, things will have to change a little bit anyways-bound to happen...

We have our Christmas shopping just about done. Just a little this weekend, and then also taking Avery to see the Lights on the Lake on Sunday in Syracuse-should be fun!!

All in all we continue to be blessed by Avery in every way, every day. She is a joy!!

Here are some pics of me and Avery in the back of the car at the parade, with Daddy peeking over the seat. The car all decorated, and our Company girls.  Enjoy!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Faces w/ Mommy & Daddy too!!

Update of Thanksgiving

I am so far behind lately, a lot to do and I'm so tired that my energy level is not where it usually is.

Our Thanksgiving was chaotic at best. I ended up having a tooth absess on Tuesday, taught classes all day in severe pain then that evening couldn't stand it anymore and ended up in the ER Tuesday night to Wednesday morning, was there 5 hours. They gave me penicillin and vicodin. Neither of those meds touched it, and I was in so much pain Wednesday morning that we had to call and get an appointment with an oral surgeon.

We got in and they pulled the tooth Wednesday, but the infection was so bad they sent me to the hospital to get IV meds. I was on out patient status, but had to go everyday over vacation to the hospital to get rocephin through the IV port that was left in my hand. So I had an apt. with the oral surgeon Thanksgiving morning, and also was at the hospital on Thanksgiving morning for IV meds-FUN!!! Not!!

The side of my face was swollen it looked like there was a baseball in my cheek. It distorted my face so  much I didn't even look like myself. I was on high dose Amoxicillin, ibuprophen, and vicodin, and am still on those meds as we speak for another week. Have been to the surgeon 3 more times and go back again on Monday. Everything is looking good, and the swelling is gone, just that medicated tired right now. But all is better!! Thank goodness!!  But that was pretty much our Thanksgiving!! I lived on milkshakes!!

We had Thanksgiving at Gary's parents house, with Uncle Steve and Aunt Beth, and cousins Noah, Owen & Sam. Along with Aunt Nancy and Uncle Tom, and Grandma & Grandpa Newton. Avery charmed everyone as she always does. Played with her cousins, and would go to everyone, she is such a social butterfly right now. It is so nice to see how much she has opened up.

We did get to wear our squeaky shoes from China on Thanksgiving. Avery now wears a size 3 and they fit. I don't think they are annoying, I think they are sweet, and plus I know where she is, and if I don't hear squeaks for awhile I know to go search for her-LOL!!

We've got our 2 Christmas trees up and the living rooms rearranged for this time of year to accommodate the trees. Avery has been good about the trees. We opted for getting shatterproof ornaments for the trees this year- good idea!! Plus we have all of the ornaments we have gotten for her over the last 3 years, and Gary and I have gotten eachother ornaments every year too!! I love putting the trees up, and having them on all day!

I did catch Avery taking off the silver balls and giving her teddy bear earrings one day-so cute!! Avery can say Santa, and elf. She can now say Teddy, and B-Bye. Her vocabulary is growing everyday.

I can't really express how wonderful it is to have her pitter pattering around the house. She is such a joy in our lives. She lights up our world!! She is such a loving, animated, and happy little girl. She amazes us each and everyday. Gary and I find ourselves just watching her all the time, and smiling at eachother in complete disbelief sometimes that she is actually here, and how much she is the perfect child for us.

We say all the time... how did we get so lucky!! We are blessed, oh so blessed!!

The photos are from Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Update...a date, a cold, and bring on the Christmas Cheer!!

Hello All!

Everything here is so very good!! Avery has a touch of a cold, a runny nose, running like a faucet Saturday & Sunday, not too bad today, but you can tell she doesn't feel up to par. She doesn't have a fever but I am monitoring her closely. Haven't called the doctor yet, wait and see for tomorrow, she acts fine, just quiet.

Gary & I had a date Saturday afternoon without Avery. We started our Christmas shopping, and went out to lunch. Grandma & Grandpa Scofield babysat at their house for a couple hours. Gary and I had a good time, first alone time in 4 months. We had fun picking things out for Avery and our nephews. Grandma, and Grandpa and Uncle Johnny had a ton of fun with Avery!!!

I can't wait to start decorating the house for Christmas...CANNOT WAIT!! But gotta get through the next 2 days of work then I have 5 days off to decorate and shop etc.-YAY!!

Avery continues to thrive and makes all sorts of progress everyday. Her new words are; cool, what!, red, star. Sometimes please,  and sometimes thank you. She can now jump a little, and just about take off on a run. She has the biggest and best smile you have ever seen-just lights up our whole world!!

I took her to rehearsal last week, and introduced her to her 25 "big sisters". She was great. She walked around the studio to them, and laughed with them, and sat next to some of them, and talked, they all loved her!! She's quite the charmer!!

Her hair is getting so long, not long enough yet for pookie tails, but getting there.

We are having Thanksgiving with Gary's side of the family, as my side is going to Indiana. We had Thanksgiving dinner with them yesterday.

I think it will be a Dora Christmas at our house this year. We got Avery some Dora pj's while we were out and put them on her last night for bed-she was thrilled!! Dora and Avery are best friends!! We love Dora here, and do the "We did it" dance at least 4 times a day here.

My updates are short due to I am in costume season at the  studio, and very busy with that right now. Can't wait until that's over-it's stressful and time consuming. Need to start choreography soon, and still need to figure out when I will be able to fit that in-TRICKY!! :)

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. Gary and I have A LOT to be thankful for this year!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Our Saturday...

This is the first time Avery's really spent some time in the backyard. She had fun picking, and throwing the leaves up in the air, and chasing our cat Jesebelle. What a beautiful day today. A ladybug kept flying and landing on me and Avery while we were out there-SWEET!!