Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A week of relaxation and news...same old same old.

We just returned from a week in Cape Cod with Ron, Judy, Steve, Beth and the boys, This is the 3rd Summer we've taken a family vacation. We decided 3 years ago to draw names for the adults and only buy for 1 person at Christmas, and then go on a vacation together sometime during the year with the rest of the money you would normally spend on everyone else. We all still buy for the kids at Christmas, that's a must!!

We rent a house together in West Yarmouth(mId Cape) and stay for a week. It's a very relaxing and fun week. It's a great tradition we've started and we can't wait to actually have a family of our own to eventually take with us on this vacation. There are 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a dining room, living room, kitchen, deck out back, it's very comfortable for the 3 families to share the house for 7 days.

We eat out, or sometimes together. Everyone kinda does what they want to and some stuff we do together. Gary & I took the ferry over to Martha's Vineyard on Monday. We took our bikes and rode about 18 miles. We rode from Oak Bluffs to Edgartown, to Vineyard Haven and back to Oak Bluffs. It was fun and we had a good time. Ron and Judy took a tour of Martha's Vineyard on Wednesday. Gary & I rode 22 miles on the Rail Trail on Wednesday. We all went to the beach on Thursday. I'm not a big beach person, I can't be in the sun for a long period of time. I burn quick and if I get burnt badly then I'm sick for 2 days. Gary got burnt bad at the beach on Thursday-he was pink!!!! We always do some shopping while we're in Cape Cod, this year was no different.

We went to Dennis, Brewster, and Hyannis on Wednesday. We went to a place called Lemon Tree Village on Wednesday and got some prints that I saw last year. They are by a Michigan artist and her company or name of her artwork is called "Soul Soup". It's really neat poetry and very thought provoking and unique. We got 3 prints of her artwork. Gary checked our emails at the village and we received an email from our adoption agency. It was just the notification from the CCAA saying what the date of dossiers log in dates they are up to. They are up to January 2007. But we are July 2007. They are 6 months from us in dossiers and that's probably at least another year to 18 months from us actually getting our referral. Not exactly what we wanted to hear. The time is pushing out...and we knew it was going to...but it hit both of us pretty hard that day. We went out that night and had some margaritas, and appetizers in Hyannis and walked around the port in Hyannis. We needed a drink or 2 and some time to ourselves, to fully process the news.

We did get Avery some things. A lady bug umbrella and bucket hat. Some green silk pj's that have pandas all over them. Beth and Steve and the boys did what they did last year. Last year outside our door everyday was an outfit for Avery. A different one each day...we looked forward to it everyday. They did the same this year. We got books for Avery, a lady bug bookmark, bibs, a winter outfit, and a Sumer outfit, a scrapbook set for baby girls, and a doily that Steve had gotten when he was in China. We were surprised they did it again, but we loved and appreciated it and it made our vacation very memorable. We looked forward to see what was going to be next everyday. Big hugs to Aunt Beth and Uncle Steve and the boys for doing that..it was greatly appreciated!!!

We had a great time on vacation...best time yet!!! I got some new China paper at the scrapbook place in Hyannis, and got my Mom her b-day presents in Cape Cod. I'm always gone for her b-day because our vacation always falls during it. But she gets some cool gifts while we are on vacation.

So it was a week of relaxation, some not so great news...but pray for us that time will pass quickly and our family will finally get started and be together.

It will be another year, and then some, of waiting. It is frustrating and depressing. I see some retail therapy in my future. I'm turning 35 in 11 days. I never thought I would be 35 and not have any children yet. I guess life moves us a certain way for some reason. Sometimes though you can't see why...but I hope I will see it soon, and our life won't feel like it's standing still. I have a full life, a wonderful husband, a great business, and great families...but on some days...ya know? We long for the pitter patters of little feet and a small voice calling for us. I know it's coming, hopefully before we're 40.

Keep us in your prayers, and that time speeds up.

Love to all~

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The opening ceremonies...

I've been trying to find time to post this one. But did you watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics? It was amazing and every time they showed a little Asian girl, in my head I would say...there's Avery, that's what she will look like. The little girl that was singing in the red dress, was adorable and looked like a little China doll...how precious.

That's all I wanted to say. Having the Olympics in China this year is great. All the sights and sounds, and children that they show all the time. It makes my heart soar and although it makes me anxious...it makes me smile and gives me more hope for the future for this long wait.

Take care, love to all!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Lucky numbers in Chinese

I actually wrote this blog on 8/8/08. Then thought I lost it but it posted to Avery's quilt blog by mistake. So today I found it there and moved it to this site. So it sounds like I wrote it yesterday...because I did. Enjoy!!

With the Olympics being in Beijing this year and the official start of the Olympics being on 08/08/08. There has been a ton of talk about the significance of those numbers and also the significance of other numbers in Chinese, So, I did some digging and found it all really interesting and though I would pass it on.

In Chinese culture they consider some numbers auspicious and some other numbers inauspicious. That's based on the Chinese word that the number sounds similar to. Lucky numbers are 8, 6, 9, being the luckiest. 1, 2, 3, 5, & 7 are considered good numbers also. The number 4 is considered bad luck because the word it sounds closest too in Chinese means death. Below I put the meanings of the numbers 1-9.

1- Unity
2- Considered good because good things come in pair, and things such as the chinese character double happiness etc.
3- Life
4- Unlucky because it sounds like the word death.
5- The five elements-metal, wood, water, life, earth.
6- Flowing or smooth-"Everything goes smoothly"
7- Togetherness
8- Wealth, prosperity, good fortune, very lucky if more than one in a combination.
9- Longlasting

Just to represent some numbers in our family:
My Dad's Birthday is August 8th-8/08
My Mom's Birthday is August 18th-8/18
Owen's Birthday is February 8th.
Another 8 is our Anniversary is the 18th of May.

For 6's & 9's:
Alli's Birthday is September 6th-9/6
Beth's Birthday is October 6th
Gary's Birthday is December 19th
Judy's Birthday is October 19th

There are other's but I listed just a few to see how lucky we are according to Chinese numerology.

Just thought it was really neat to look it all up and also to learn some more about Chinese culture. Who knows Maybe Avery will have an 8 in her birthday. Or our referral date will have an 8 in it, or our travel plans.

I wanted to say Happy Birthday to my Dad-

Have fun watching the opening ceremonies tonight and the Olympics. Think of us while you watch!!!

Love to all~

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy Chinese Valentine's Day-Qi Qiao Jie

So today is Valentine's Day in China. Pretty cool it's in a totally different month than ours. We will be able to celebrate Valentine's Day 2 times a year with Avery. Just think of all the extra holidays we can add to the list. Chinese new Year, Dragon Boat Festival, and a whole bunch more. Looking forward to those days.

I feel like I shouldn't be impatient because it's only the 13 month and we knew it was going to take at least 18 when we started. So, I really shouldn't be so frustrated at this point. But in actuality, it's been over 7 years coming, I think that's where the frustration stems from, so bear with me(us).

Take care, & Qi Qiao Jie!!!


Sunday, August 3, 2008

It's been 13 months today!!!

The 3rd of every month gets us 1 month closer to our daughter and here we are again the 3rd of August!!! I don't know where the Summer has gone but don't really care either, need time to fly!!!

We have really been enjoying all the stuff on TV lately about china. The travel channel had about 4 nights of Samantha Brown, Anthony Bourdain , and the Zimmerman guy going around China and seeing different sights etc. We sat each night and watched and wondered which parts of all of it we would be seeing when we go. It's very interesting to us, the whole Chinese Culture, we are very intrigued by it all. The people, the beliefs, the food, and everything. We are learning new stuff all the time. We are really looking forward to the Olympics and the coverage in the morning news shows. I'll have to record it though because I am working for the next 2 weeks and will be at the studio during most of it. It is hard to believe that in approximately 10-12 months(fingers crossed) we will be standing there ourselves and have Avery with us-blows our minds everytime we think about it.

We were in Saratoga Springs this last Friday and just went for the day. There a park there called Congress Park, and they were setting up some kind of an Asian/Chinese display inside and outside one of the main buildings-WEIRD!! We went to Saratoga Springs on a whim and for the National Dance museum-which was a major disappointment. But had fun roaming around the touristy town and bought a plaque for Avery's room that says:

With a butterfly kiss
And a Ladybug hug
Sleep tight little one,
Like a Bug in a rug.

Appropriate we thought, it's sweet.

We also got her a baby panda stuffed animal-very plush and little, just right to pack for China.

Today I went back to Kmart and got Avery 3 Summer outfits and a shirt. Total cost was $12.00. I didn't break the bank on that one!! Kmart is having major sales in all of their kids departments and probably will be marking down again to another 40% off the clearance. So, I left some other things there in hopes of even more markdowns. Her closet has clothes in it...but she's a girl and if she's anything like her Mom (me) she will have more clothes than she can wear. That's how it goes!! My mom taught me well, first go to the clearance rack, then shop around. Always look for the bargains. Anything I've bought it hasn't been much and it is always on sale!!!

We, I mean I, am still obsessed with ladybugs, and now pandas. Also I am starting to feel like an elephant whose gestation period is about 22 months. Feeling really akin to that animal lately. We have a ton of things with ladybugs on them and anytime anybody sees a ladybug we are told they think about us and Avery-that's pretty cool.

I do finally have the final draft on the quilt reminder to send out to people we haven't heard from yet. I think I will do that one, and then do a postcard to everyone else with update information and if anyone is willing to help to start the quilt. That should be a lot of fun...and make us feel as if we are doing something for her besides waiting, and waiting, and oh yeah...waiting.

We go to Cape Cod pretty soon, can't wait. Should be a lot of fun!! I recently bought 3 books to take with me. One is really good and tells you everything you would need to know about adopting a baby girl from China. Another one is told from the father's perspective...thought maybe Gary would also read that one. The last one I still have to go and pick up is about after you bring your daughter home and what to look out for and etc. It does help me to read about other people's journey's and to hear their story. So, I should be able to get some reading done while we are away.

I think that is the catch up on us for now. Still here and waiting...sometimes not patiently, sometimes totally frustrated, but taking it day by day. Don't forget to ask us about the adoption..that is our support system.

Love to all-Yea!!! 13 months!!!!!
~Alli & Gary