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Little Ladybug :)

We had the story hour Halloween party today, and Avery was an adorable ladybug! I love this costume, the wings are so neat. Truth be told, I tore the wings apart and stuffed them more with filling, took the bow off the jumpsuit, and made her antennas instead of the flimsy pair that came with the costume. I wasn't sure if we were going to use this costume so I ordered another costume also. So on Halloween she will be something completely different. How fun! We have another Halloween party on Sunday, then trick or treating on Monday and another party on Monday. 

Gotta love the back of this costume, and she is wearing black "UGG" boots (fake uggs).

We are having so much fun! 
I didn't think things could get much better but I am loving being the Mommy, and Avery is such an absolute joy. 
Such laughter, and smiles, and bliss in our household!!

Happy Halloween early!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Goodbye Zeng Zu Fu-Goodbye Great Grandpa Lew...

Avery and her Great Grandpa Lew

We lost a great great man this week, my husband's Grandfather, and Avery's Great Grandpa, Grandpa Lew. He had been struggling for a long time being in and out of the hospital for various reasons. 

Grandpa Lew was a very kind man, always willing to help, and always wanting to know how you were doing, and genuinely interested in your life. Grandpa Lew was the only Grandpa I have really known in my adult years, as my other Grandfathers passed away when I was younger, and in my teenage years. 
I was very happy to have a Grandpa Lew!!

Grandpa Lew was an avid collector of everything, antiques, medals, patches etc. Grandma & Grandpa Newton's house is full of all of his treasures. Tons of clocks, and books, antiques everywhere and homemade things that he would make. Every time you would go to their house you never left empty handed. Grandpa Lew was always giving you something he had found at a flea market, garage sale, estate sale etc. He had a big big heart!! 

His face would light up when he would see all of his great grandkids. Avery's face would light up when she would see Great Grandpa Lew too!! Grandpa was in pretty rough shape this last week, and I was totally amazed at Avery. She was not scared at all. She would talk to him, and blow him kisses, take his hand, smile at him, and giggle to him. Grandpa's face lit right up when she would talk to him. 

We will all miss Grandpa tremendously!! He always made us laugh, and smile! 

It is funny how Avery at 2 years old knew what was happening on her level this week. As we were leaving for the funeral Wednesday Avery was saying, "Grandpa Lew, I can't find him?", and on the way home she said, "Grandpa Lew, we lost him." 

How at 2 years old she knew to say those things totally amazes me. She is such a caring, and sweet little girl, and intuitive.

We miss and love you Grandpa Lew!! 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Some new pictures...and short update!

The Girlies!!!
Avery and her 2 cousins. Jessica is on the left, and Jodi is on the right. They see each other about 3 times a year. My Brother and his family live in Indiana. So they spend lots of time together when they are here.

Our family!!
One of the pictures we had to put in the last post placement update. 

Get Up!! Let's Go!!
Grandpa Scofield, Jodi & Avery playing on the front lawn at Grandma & Grandpas House.

Cutest Face!!
A day with Mommy & Daddy at The Great NYS Fair

Our girl is doing fantastic!! She is showing her challenging side lately to Mommy. At tumbling the other night I had to take her out of the room 2 times. She was telling Miss Tammy "no", and running around, not following directions. I was mortified!! She threw such a huge fit on the way home that we had to have a time out when we got home. No Dora/Bubble Guppies or movies for the rest of the day, and no chocolate.
I guess when they told us that the Hunan girls had some spice they were right!!  LOL!!  :)

We went to Story Hour the next day, and she acted very good. She is testing her boundaries a lot lately, a lot of attitude, and throwing a fit when she doesn't get her way. So Mommy is dealing with that. Other than that we are doing great!  She is talking up a storm!! Our latest thing is when I say "I love you", she says back, "I love you more", and I say, "I love you most",  it's from the movie Tangled-one of her favorites!!

I am happy to say though we are in the process of completing our application to go to China again!!  Through Great Wall of China, special needs! We are just starting to complete the application so we can start compiling our dossier, and start looking at lists. We are going for another girl-2 ballerinas!!  

We are very, very, very excited!!! Avery needs a sister. We knew we would do this again, and I can't wait to start getting everything done-as quick as we can go!!

Wish us Luck!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Avery Lin!

We've done a lot this Summer...
Vacations, and tumbling class, family visiting, a lot of family time for the 3 of us, and renovating the house a bit, and still in the process of doing that. 

But to sum up our Summer, this picture says it all!! 
We have one happy little girl that lights up the world!!

We love you Avery Lin!!

We had her caricature done at the NYS Fair, a Scofield tradition to go every year. This year was the best!! We had so much fun riding rides, playing games, and seeing all the animals!! So much more fun to go with your own little one, you experience the Fair in a whole new way through the eyes of a 2 year old. We didn't expect to stay as late as we did, but she did so well!! 

Everything is so exciting, and the smile never leaves your face-absolutely priceless!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Snapshot...

Enough said!!!  :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

These are the days that make my heart melt...

Avery and I took Daddy to work today because Gary and I have a "date night" tonight. So I am going to pick him up from work so we don't have to drive separately, and Gary doesn't have to come home and go back up to Watertown.

So the bug and I went to Panera for breakfast this morning, we were there by 8:00AM! It's so nice there at that time during the week, hardly anyone there, and it's quiet. Avery was in such a good mood, and so cute at breakfast, a nice morning with my little girlie!! Then we went and did a little shopping really quick before coming home, she was so good today being out and about, giggling, and talking, and asking a billion questions-which I love!! 

These are the kind of days I love, when it's Mommy and Avery time, and we are just hanging out. Lots of kisses and hugs, and she gets that little look in her eyes that I can't fully describe to you, but it's a look just for Mommy-makes my heart melt!!

Love you Avery Lin!!  :)

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Happy Gotcha Day!! One fast!!

One year ago today we were in China, and at 3:30 in the afternoon we met our Avery, and became a family, a forever family!! 
I remember being so nervous, and my stomach doing flip flops. Our driver was running late, and we were a mixture of excited, nervous, curious, and the happiest we had ever been!!

I remember getting to the office, and our guide "Smile" saying the adoption offices were on the 3rd floor, another sign for us, those 3's...everywhere!

I remember wondering if you were already in the room, and then seeing your face when we turned into the room not expecting to see you right then. I started to cry, and couldn't wait to hold you!

I remember seeing your scared little face and hoping that you would like us, and trust us, and open up to us and let us love you.

I remember holding you in my arms for the first time, and saying to you, "you are ours now, no need to be scared we will protect you, and love you forever, always and forever".

I remember on the way back to the hotel saying to your Daddy, "That's it, she is ours now...really?" How sweet you were snuggling in my arms in the car, felt like we had been together forever.

I remember checking on you at least 20 times when you slept that night, we were so nervous.

I remember the tough night we had on the 3rd night. You were so upset, and so was Mommy trying to console you, and make you feel safe. 

I remember the first time we saw your smile, and heard your laugh. So sweet!!

It has been a year, and oh how you have changed and grown!! You are such a happy girl. You laugh all the time, and smile all the time, you have made our lives so rich, so full of love and laughter!  
We love you so much Avery!!

Happy Gotcha Day!!

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