Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Little Ladybug :)

We had the story hour Halloween party today, and Avery was an adorable ladybug! I love this costume, the wings are so neat. Truth be told, I tore the wings apart and stuffed them more with filling, took the bow off the jumpsuit, and made her antennas instead of the flimsy pair that came with the costume. I wasn't sure if we were going to use this costume so I ordered another costume also. So on Halloween she will be something completely different. How fun! We have another Halloween party on Sunday, then trick or treating on Monday and another party on Monday. 

Gotta love the back of this costume, and she is wearing black "UGG" boots (fake uggs).

We are having so much fun! 
I didn't think things could get much better but I am loving being the Mommy, and Avery is such an absolute joy. 
Such laughter, and smiles, and bliss in our household!!

Happy Halloween early!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Goodbye Zeng Zu Fu-Goodbye Great Grandpa Lew...

Avery and her Great Grandpa Lew

We lost a great great man this week, my husband's Grandfather, and Avery's Great Grandpa, Grandpa Lew. He had been struggling for a long time being in and out of the hospital for various reasons. 

Grandpa Lew was a very kind man, always willing to help, and always wanting to know how you were doing, and genuinely interested in your life. Grandpa Lew was the only Grandpa I have really known in my adult years, as my other Grandfathers passed away when I was younger, and in my teenage years. 
I was very happy to have a Grandpa Lew!!

Grandpa Lew was an avid collector of everything, antiques, medals, patches etc. Grandma & Grandpa Newton's house is full of all of his treasures. Tons of clocks, and books, antiques everywhere and homemade things that he would make. Every time you would go to their house you never left empty handed. Grandpa Lew was always giving you something he had found at a flea market, garage sale, estate sale etc. He had a big big heart!! 

His face would light up when he would see all of his great grandkids. Avery's face would light up when she would see Great Grandpa Lew too!! Grandpa was in pretty rough shape this last week, and I was totally amazed at Avery. She was not scared at all. She would talk to him, and blow him kisses, take his hand, smile at him, and giggle to him. Grandpa's face lit right up when she would talk to him. 

We will all miss Grandpa tremendously!! He always made us laugh, and smile! 

It is funny how Avery at 2 years old knew what was happening on her level this week. As we were leaving for the funeral Wednesday Avery was saying, "Grandpa Lew, I can't find him?", and on the way home she said, "Grandpa Lew, we lost him." 

How at 2 years old she knew to say those things totally amazes me. She is such a caring, and sweet little girl, and intuitive.

We miss and love you Grandpa Lew!!