Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Home from NYC & updates...

We had a great time in NYC. We were both sick, I have a sinus infection that won't go away. I'm on the 4th medication hoping it works, it's been about 3 months with this cold, it's really annoying now. Gary is sick now, he's been home from work for 2 days just went back to work today, he has a virus-I call it the "crud". Seems like everyone's had the "crud" this year and it sticks with you forever. But, we had a good time time in NYC, we needed the getaway. It was really tiring, and I hardly slept while we were gone but I love the city. The sights, the energy of it, and to be in all that culture is just good for our souls.

We went to Chinatown, as we always do. We went into some different places this time. Some holes in the walls too. At one place everything was literally thrown on the sides of the shop in huge piles, it was only about 4 feet wide, you had to walk in one behind the other and you could hardly turn around because there was so much stuff thrown everywhere. The woman kept saying, "very nice quality, we have every color, only $10.00". We didn't buy anything there but it was fun. I did buy a glass elephant the color of green jade for Avery's room. We went into another shop that had gorgeous scrolls with chinese characters and writing on them hanging from the ceiling. We bought a scroll there, I'm not sure what it says but it's really pretty.

Then we went to Pearl River Marketplace. It is a 2 story Chinese marketplace. It has lanterns and lamps, food, clothing, books, decorations, knick knacks...EVERYTHING you would ever want. It's my favorite place to go in Chinatown. We bought a lantern lamp for the kitchen, a fan, some more lanterns, and some new year decorations. Oh, and I bought a really pretty purse/bag that is black and red china silk-very nice. We had fun there.

We went to all the regular places to show the girls NYC. At Macy's I bought a little lady bug shirt and some really cute socks-they were really cheap, and Macy's was having a sale. We went to FAO Schwartz and I got some really cute stuffed animals for her room.

All in all it was a great trip, and we can't wait to take Avery there someday. We know she will appreciate the arts and all the culture as much as we do.

Today I just ordered her crib set. It was on sale at Pottrybarn, and also back ordered and that usually means it's popular and may sell out soon. I wanted this particular set because it fits the China adoption story with the lady bugs and her room is going to be pink, green, and red. It's the garden sprouts quilt set. It is green and pink w/ lady bugs and dragon flys. I'm excited about this, and excited to get going on her nursery. Even though the wait is long, I need to feel as if we are doing something.

To keep busy, I am sending out new notices about the quilt, and have started a wall hanging that is in chinese, it has the character for "dream" in it. I am also doing a silly lady bug latch hook-busy work!!! I'm also going to get some books on Feng Shui, and Buddhism to read up on some things. The busier I am the better. I have a ton of choreography to do for our upcoming May show. I am doing a piece about adoption-excited about the music and it only makes sense that our life spills over into my work.

So there's the update...we are still waiting, and we are trying to keep busy.

Love to everyone~

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day...Qi Qiao Jie

Happy Valentine's Day!!
In Chinese it is, Qi Qiao Jie

Actually Chinese Valentine's Day is the seventh day of the seventh month of their Lunar calendar, which would make their Chinese Valentine's Day in August.

To say I love you in Chinese is...Wo ai ni.

That's all I've learned so far for statements that would pertain to today.

Thank you for the comments, they do help. That's how this adoption is going to go, some days, weeks, months are going to be tough and others will be okay. But thank you for following us along our journey!!!

Qi Qiao Jie!!!

Love (ai) to everyone!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Very frustrated...

Well, Gary and I are more than frustrated lately. I think the tension of the wait and the time progressively getting longer is really starting to take it's toll. I think some family members got the jist of this over the weekend. I know people mean well, but when the time keeps getting longer, and your outlook just doesn't look bright right now, it's tougher than you think. Times are very tough for us lately and people try to understand, it's hard when people never ask how you are feeling or doing, just because we don't physically carry her doesn't mean we don't carry her everyday, and it will be everyday for about the length of 2 1/2 pregnancies.

When you are having a baby people ask you all the are you feeling, are you excited, nervous? Those questions still pertain to us, people forget though. The other end of this conversation is that people don't want to hear us complain about the wait time, or anything else, or talk about the nursery or stuff like that because it is so far away. So, what do you do? Because sometimes we just need to talk, and we are not the most forthcoming individuals, but the frustration is there all the time, the guilt, the sadness, the tears. Yes, I am excited. Yes, I know it's worth the wait. Yes, I agree it's not fair that it takes so long. Ever feel invisible, and helpless in a situation....that's how it feels sometimes.

At least Gary & I are getting away over the vacation. We are going to NYC with 3 of my long time students. Going to take the train in, stay in NYC for 3 days, take in a show, go to Chinatown (it's Chinese New Year). Shop, laugh, meet up with some of my former students who are working and going to college there, and have a good time, away from home and all the stresses.

Thank goodness for vacations!!!!
Love to everyone

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Happy Chinese New Year!
2008-The Year of the Rat (or mouse if you prefer)
The Chinese Year of 4706.

Here's some information about this holiday...

Today is the Chinese New Year's Day, the so called "Spring Festival" (chun jiƩ). It's the biggest traditional Chinese holiday. It marks the end of the twelfth month lunar year in which all agricultural activities were to be finished, marking the beginning of the coming spring. With it's origins in an ancient offering ritual giving thanks to the gods for the past year, Spring Festival became an established holiday during the earlier Xia Dynasty (21-16 BC), Preparations for the Spring Festival include making all kinds of meats, foods and wines, new clothes for every family member, and gifts for relatives and friends. Festivities include paying tribute to the Hearth God, making offerings to one's ancestors, a family reunion dinner on New Year's Eve, visiting relatives and friends, celebrating with Dragon Dances, firecrackers, and Ma Jiang (Mahjong) games, and of course eating, drinking, and general merriment. For both adults and children,it is an exciting, joyful, and rejuvenating time of year.

The celebration lasts 15 days ending with the Lantern Festival.

The colors usually for the celebration are red & gold. Parents give out red envelopes to their children, unmarried friends, and close relatives that have crisp one dollar bills inside them, as part of the tradition to provide good fortune. Gary & I bought some of the envelopes in Chinatown when we were in NYC in October.

We've been having a ton of ladybugs in the house lately. Always welcome the little ladies. We have also received about 4 more pages and squares and wishes for Avery's quilt. Keep them coming!!! If you would like to do another one...feel free!!!

Hope you have enjoyed reading about this Chinese celebration!!!

Happy Chinese New Year or Xin nian kuai le!!!!

Love to all~

Alli & Gary

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Happy 7 months to us!!!

Today is our 7 month wait day, it's the 3rd of every month. So we are 7 months in. Can't wait to get to double digits!!!!

So, I think things happen for a reason. For as bad as we felt this last week, things happen to make you feel better, and the supportive people in your lives make an appearance.

One of my former students, and she is one of my very good friends came to the house yesterday. She showed up w/ children's books about China for Avery and a stuffed animal and lady bug mittens. It was so great to see Sarah, we miss her now that she's not around all the time. It was nice to talk to someone about the adoption, and hear about her son, and her life. Sarah is a great friend to have and we appreciate the stuff for Avery so much.

Thank you to all the people who have been leaving comments and words of support. We appreciate it so much.

Happy Chinese New Year, it's coming soon-The Year of the Rat.

Thanks & love to everyone~
~Alli & Gary