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Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer is here!!

This is what our Summer is going to consist of...playing in our water table, the sand box, and swinging on our swingset!! Sounds good doesn't it? I have about 4 weeks off before I do a few Summer dance camps at the studio. We are going to start Avery in gymnastics I hope, and hopefully find a story hour or something else that we can do this Summer that fits in our schedule. We are also going on a few getaways. July 4th weekend we will be in PA, in Kinzers PA I think. We are going with my Brother and his family, and my parents to the horse progress days in Lancaster County. Staying over 2 nights, and I'm looking forward to the shops and such, love the Amish country!! My Brother and his family live in Angola Indiana, and that is also Amish Country there, so we love it!! We've never been to the Dutch part of PA, so it should be a lot of FUN!!

The end of July we have the annual Newton Family vacation to Cape Cod for  a week. We didn't go last Summer because we were in China getting Avery!! So we are really excited about going this year with Avery. We are renting a bigger house, and we can't wait to go to the beach, and just hang out!!

I imagine we will do maybe a few weekend getaways, maybe the Buffalo Zoo, or Rochester Zoo, family oriented, It's so nice to just go away for a few days...

Avery calls her sandbox, "the beach". "Go beach Mama?", is what I usually hear-so cute! We are having a good time just relaxing and spending time together.

Gary had a great 1st Father's Day! We had my Dad & Mom and brother over for breakfast, then hung out at home all afternoon, then had smores at his parents house with Steve and Beth and the boys-everyone had a good time!

Next month we will be home a year-wow that was fast! Hoping to celebrate a little or A LOT!! :)

Hope your Summer is laid back, and full of FUN!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Avery's Birthday Bash!!

It's been awhile since I've actually written on here. It's that busy time of year again, 2 shows coming up with 120+ dancers and 59's Senior Company Show time and Recital time...busy, and busier!!

But Avery's Birthday Bash was a hit!! It was just family. Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, Great Grandparents, and Great Aunts and Uncles, cousins, my former dancer Katie, who is like my sister, and Avery's, "Aunt".

We decorated with lots of balloons, and tons of Dora the Explorer stuff. Grandma Judy made her Dora cake-looked so cute!! We had hamburgers and hotdogs, salads, and fruit. We blew bubbles in the backyard, thank goodness the weather cooperated, it has hot, but we didn't care. Daddy and Uncle "Teve" (that's howAvery pronounces Steve-so darn cute!!) were the bubble masters. Avery, and her cousins Noah, Owen, and Sammy had fun trying to catch them, and were running all over the place. Everyone was outside, and we had our deck finished, not decorated or anything, but it was nice to be out there.

Avery got lots of Summertime fun things. A sandbox, a water table, cozy coupe, water sprinkler. Lots of pj's, and clothes. We had ordered a swing set with a slide, and didn't have time to put it together before the party (finishing up the deck). But Gary, and his Dad, and Steve all helped out to finish it, so it was all up by the end of the night.

We had a great time and Avery had a blast. Loves her cousins so much!! We even had a pinata, one of the ones you pull the strings. I'm not nuts-wouldn't do the kind you hit with a stick-LOL!

Avery definitely is a 2 year old. She has her own little personality, and attitude. She is very happy! Next Wednesday I am on vacation for awhile, and we are going to start potty training. She is already telling us when she needs to be changed, and when she has gone. So we think it's time to introduce the potty-fingers crossed!

Our Gotcha Day is July 19th-wow a year almost already!! What a change in a year!!  So much happiness in our house!

A big thank you to Grandma & Grandpa Scofield, and Grandma & Grandpa Newton for helping out with the bug this year and especially in the last 4 weeks with our crazy show schedules, and everything!! Dinners coming your way!! Love you and thank you so much!!

I am looking forward to lazy days on the deck, and just spending time with our little lady!!

Enjoy your Summer!!